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Principles for Global Corporate Responsibility:
Bench Marks for Measuring Business Performance


Section 2.3d - Child Labour

The company does not exploit children as workers.

The company guarantees that neither it nor its contractors employ children in conditions that violate the rights of the child.

The company:

The company does not employ persons under the age of majority as a means of avoiding the payment of the full adult wage for doing the same work.

The company does not employ, in a full-time capacity, in its own workplaces or in that of its subsidiaries and suppliers, any child under the age of completion of compulsory schooling and, in any case, less than the age of 15 years. In countries where the economy and educational facilities are insufficiently developed, companies may, after consultation with the young workers, worker associations, and organizations concerned with children's rights, labour rights and human rights, initially specify a minimum age of 14 years.

The company, when it has taken advantage of the above exception to 14 years, has made a specific public declaration of the reasons for this exception and has determined a date by which it will cease to avail itself of the provisions of this policy.

The company works with organizations concerned with children's rights, human rights and labour rights and within the country of production to ensure that young workers are not exploited.

The company has a precise statement regarding the employment of children and young people. This policy is publicly available throughout the company and its suppliers in the languages of any and all workers. It is clearly communicated to all employees in a manner, which can be understood, and includes verbal communications for employees lacking adequate reading skills.

The company has a clearly stated policy and monitoring programme in regard to the employment of children.

Bench Marks
The company has in place a monitoring and auditing programme to ensure compliance with its corporate code of conduct. This programme includes internal monitoring and auditing and well as independent monitoring.

The company has a precise standard of recording and measurement in place, which enables it to monitor the significance of all exceptions to the pattern of child employment below the age of 15 years. In addition, the company has a precise standard and measurement of any exposure to a potentially hazardous environment for anyone aged 18 or below. These records are available for public scrutiny, especially by those groups responsible for human rights, labour rights and children's rights.

If monitoring reveals that children are being exploited, immediate steps are taken to rectify the practice and to provide for the rehabilitation of the children involved. The company does not solve the problem by the dismissal of the children affected.

The company regularly consults with country-specific knowledgeable organizations regarding programmes and practices to remove children from work sites and re-integrate them into home, school and community.