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Principles for Global Corporate Responsibility:
Bench Marks for Measuring Business Performance


Section 2.3c - Persons with Disabilities

The company ensures that persons with disabilities who apply for jobs with the company receive fair treatment and are considered solely on their ability to do the job with or without workplace modifications.

The company values persons with physical, sensory and/or mental disabilities as full participants in the company workforce.

The company has in place an operative anti-discrimination policy vis-‡-vis persons with physical and/or mental disabilities, with provisions for the monitoring of compliance with the policy.

The company has a policy of employing people with disabilities and of providing the resources and facilities, which enable them to achieve progression in employment in the company and to receive training and promotional opportunities without discrimination.

When a worker employed by the company becomes disabled, the company continues to employ that person and provides the modifications necessary to enable the worker to continue at the previous status. If a worker requires transfer to another position within the company because of disability, wherever possible, this new job is at the same level; where not possible, existing remuneration is protected for a specified period.

The company provides training for all its employees about hiring and accommodating persons with physical and/or mental disabilities.

The company recognizes that there may be particular barriers to the full participation of people with disabilities and takes positive action to diminish these barriers within the company.

The company offers disability awareness training to all employees working with or supervising people with disabilities.

The company adopts a policy whereby managers, particularly those responsible for recruitment and employment matters, are fully versed in obligations to employ and accommodate people with disabilities.

Bench Marks
The company periodically assesses its hiring and employment practices of persons with physical and/or mental disabilities and makes necessary correction in a specified period.

The company regularly consults with organisations with experience and expertise regarding the employment of persons with physical and/or mental disabilities.

The company makes the particular accommodations necessary for persons with disabilities to be able to function in the workplace.

The company monitors and reports on the number of offers made to employees with disabilities for skill development, testing and promotion, as it does for all employees.